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The Childbirth Advocacy of Charlie Rae Young

July 19, 2017
It is simply the case that Charlie Rae Young loves every aspect of her chosen career as a doula. She loves the fact that she fills a very specialized niche, as one of just two midwives in the Tampa Bay region of Florida willing to attend and assist with a home birth. One of her favorite aspects of her job has to do with keeping up with the families she has helped for many years following the birth. It’s exciting when she watches a child whose birth she attended grow up to start school and she looks forward to seeing graduations, weddings or perhaps even the births of grandchildren in the future.

Charlie Rae Young also feels a swell of pride when she sees the doulas trained by Barefoot Birth establish and grow practices of their own and assist with the process of childbirth. Overall, before and since Charlie co-founded her company, Barefoot Birth in 2009, she has attended hundreds of births. She is certain that being a midwife is her calling; she feels that she is supposed to help expectant families fulfill their preferred desire to engage in a natural childbirth, rather than a more traditional hospital birth experience.